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David Henry

Associate Professor and Interim Chair
Phone Numbers:
913-588-5373 (Medical Center Campus)
785-864-6066 (Lawrence Campus)

Educational Background

BS Pharm and MS Hospital Pharm, KU

Brief Biography

My practice area for the last 25 years has been the Pediatric Hematology/Oncology service at the University of Kansas Hospital. I have been very active in the Pediatric Oncology Group (before 2000), and the Children’s Oncology Group (after 2000). I am currently on the BPS Oncology Specialty Council that oversees development of the BCOP exam.

I teach a Peds Heme/Onc clerkship rotation, Oncology Pharmacotherapy in the Pharmacotherapy sequence, Oncology drugs in the Pharmacokinetics course, an Advanced Oncology Pharmacy elective, and some basic Pharmacy topics in a course that covers drug interactions, monitoring drug therapy, and non-prescription medications.

Outside of work, I enjoy watching and participating in sports. My favorite vacation activity is hiking in the mountains.

Research Interests

Treatment of bone and soft tissue sarcomas in pediatric and young adult patients; anti-cancer agent dosing in obese patients; and nutrition and cancer treatment. In the past, I have been active studying stability of drugs in extemporaneous formulations.


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